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Buy UK Driving License

Buy UK driving license: A provisional driving licence gives you access to learn to drive a car and learn to ride a moped or motorbike. You can’t start driving lessons without one, whether you’re being taught by a professional instructor or by family or friends.

You can apply by post, by filling out a D1 form, or online at It costs £43 to apply by post and £34 to apply online. You’ll need to provide your National Insurance number, an identity document like your passport, and addresses you’ve lived at over the last three years. How do I get a UK driving Licence?

Can a foreigner get a UK driving Licence?
What can I drive on my UK driving license?
How much does a UK driving license cost?

Your provisional licence will usually arrive within two weeks and you can track your application process online.

You can’t drive a car on your own with a provisional driving licence. uk driving license number on card, uk driving license over 70, renew uk driving license over 70, uk driving licences after brexit, uk driving license after 70, uk driving licence after brexit in eu, uk driving licence after brexit in ireland, uk driving licence after brexit in spain, uk driving


Buy UK driving license: If you passed your driving test before 1997, you’ll be able to drive a category B vehicle and trailer combination with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of 8,250kg.

Consider you passed your driving test after 1997, you can drive a category B vehicle up to 3,500kg with up to eight passenger seats. Most cars fall into category B.

You’ll be able to ride category AM 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles too, like mopeds.

As well as cars and mopeds, you’ll be able to drive f, k and q category vehicles. That includes tractors, pedestrian controlled vehicles or mowing machines and two or three-wheeled vehicles without pedals and engine size less than 50cc. driving licence, driving licence check, driving licence categories, uk provisional driving licence for foreigners,

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